Bald and Growing Hair Again

Baldness is a condition that afflicts many men in their adulthood. The condition can cause loss of self-esteem among those afflicted and even interfere with their social interactions. While the condition is mostly hereditary, there are some steps that one can take in order to prevent the onset of the condition and even reverse its progress.

Historically, balding was considered irreversible and men had to live with their condition, allowing the hair to grow as it would or, otherwise, decide to go completely bald. However, with advances in technology, there are options for bald heads that will get them growing hair again.

Indeed with practices like hair transplanting there is hope that one can start growing hair or even reverse the process of hair loss. Growing hair artificially is achieved through lifting hair strands complete with their roots from another part of the body not afflicted by baldness. Then, the hair is planted onto the bald pate and allowed to grow naturally.

While hair transplant is a successful way of growing hair on a bald pate, there are other less effective methods of mitigating the hair loss. One of these includes application of assorted herbs on the pate. While this may not be desirable for everyone, another simpler method that staves off the progression of hair loss is the frequent and thorough massaging of the scalp to improve blood circulation. Hopefully, the flowing blood will aid the growing hair and make it healthy again.

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